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Whether you are looking for your next job, new career or you are seeking a new highly qualified employee, Staff Gate can help. Our aim is to meet the needs of both Client and Candidate by finding relevant, highly skilled candidates for clients and relevant roles for our candidates. We offer an international recruitment service for permanent and fixed-term contracts in the following sectors: Hospitality, Engineering , Nurses, IT, Doctors, Sales & Marketing, Accountancy & Finance, Supply chain & procurement, Human resource, and Telecoms. If you are interested in securing a job in any of these areas, don't delay contact us today!



Saliba Educational Engineering consultancy firm is based in Lebanon. At SEE, we:

  • Are committed to excellence in education.
  • Develop academic programs to help all learners acquire the skills needed to face the challenges of the future.
  • Place heavy emphasis on continuous professional development.
  • Mission Statement

    SEE seeks to become a catalyst for educational practices reform by putting the best of its educational consultancy expertise at your service. Our team is dedicated to help schools transform students into well-rounded individuals while immersing them into the rapidly evolving world.


    At SEE, we want to contribute to better education that transforms learners, creates opportunities and aspires towards a more peaceful world. For that, we aim to:

  • Devise an appropriate scholastic system that fits the social structure within which it operates and that constructively contributes to social development.
  • Develop new teaching approaches that enable future generations adapt to change.
  • Help the youth become active members in their communities.
  • Engage the youth in experiential learning experiences.
  • Direct learners to become leaders that envision and create change for the welfare of their societies.
  • Services

    SEE provides a wide array of services that engage learners in a full range of curriculum and extracurricular activities. We:

  • Manage educational establishments.
  • Devise and apply new curriculum.
  • Assess educational challenges, find suitable solutions and create appropriate strategies.
  • Examine academic practices and develop modes of work that enhance educational approaches.
  • Organize team-building programs that empower workers and increase their productivity.
  • Guide schools interested in offering the IB Porgrammes (PYP, MYP, DP and CP).
  • Assist schools in the process they go through to receive accreditation.
  • Prepare professional development workshops targeting the needs of educators.
  • Help IBDP students better prepare for their official examination session by offering them intensive classes facilitated by experienced IBDP teachers.
  • Candidate Services

    Candidate orientation program

    We realize that our candidates are a vital ingredient of Staff Gate and that without them we do not exist. With that in mind we have a successful on-going Candidate orientation Program.

    Employer Services

    Total Recruitment Guarantee

    Recruiting the right staff is a major investment of management time, business resources and financial budget, so let Staff Gate help you get it right by offering a totally flexible, cost effective and unique recruitment solution, with an inflexible days guarantee.

    WHY US?

    Service Orientated . International Solutions . Extensive database

    Global Networking partners

    Our program is designed to facilitate networking among our international partners in different geographic areas. We select partners that meet the academy goals of recruiting with the highest ethical methods and meet the diversity goals for Staff Gate.

    Our partners in Philippines, India, Nepal, Srilanka and Pakistan are equipped to receive the job requirements. Our trade test centers are also organized to accommodate all the requests with a sequence of modern tools and equipment. . Regardless of company size and quantity of positions required, here are 6 reasons that a Client can benefit from our deals:

    • Free Up Your Time
    • Improve Quality of Selection
    • Reduce the Cost of Hires
    • Minimize Risk
    • Protect Your Investment
    • Benefit from a Motivated Job Search